About Us

Royex Technologies is an eCommerce, mobile app, and Metaverse development company in Dubai, UAE, that provides innovative solutions for small, medium, and large-scale companies for our clients in Dubai, UAE, and other Middle East countries.

About Us


Royex Technologies is an eCommerce, mobile app, and Metaverse development company in Dubai, UAE, that provides innovative solutions for small, medium, and large-scale companies. Royex has been operating in Dubai since 2013 and, since then, has developed and successfully delivered hundreds of projects to date for our clients in Dubai, UAE, and other Middle East countries.

At present, we have four offices, our head office in Dubai, a Sales & Support office in Qatar, and two other offices in India and Bangladesh that oversee design and development. We employ over 50 people across these four locations. By maintaining a minimum number of employees in Dubai, we can keep our costs and prices lower than our competitors. Even so, because our support team is in Dubai, our customers can enjoy face-to-face meetings and explain their vision clearly. This is how we provide great service with minimum cost. Moreover, our online support system can provide our clients with trackable support. To further streamline our customer support and client comfort, we provide two years of free support for any bugs/errors.

Our excellent founding team of accomplished and highly skilled software architects, engineers, and developers is determined to achieve solid growth and deliver outstanding service.

If you have any mobile, e-commerce, or Metaverse projects or ideas, reach out to us. We will execute your goals and work to make you more agile, competitive, and profitable. We are located here in UAE and Dubai to help those in small, medium, and large-scale industries grow and successfully run their own businesses.

  • r-img Resilience:We persistently pursue Innovative Solutions to overcome obstacles, adapt, and grow.
  • o-img Outstanding Quality:We are committed to delivering products and services of outstanding quality. Our focus is on exceeding industry standards and delighting our customers with the superior quality of our products.
  • y-icon Yielding Best Customer Support:We believe in the power of excellent customer service. We are committed to providing our customers with the best support, solving their problems promptly, and ensuring they have a smooth experience with our products and services.
  • e-icon Excellence:We hold ourselves to the highest standards in all that we do, striving for excellence and continuous improvement.
  • x-icon X - eXceptional Experience:We aim to provide an unparalleled experience throughout all phases of solution development. We believe in exceeding expectations and creating lasting impressions.

Our Vision, Mission, Goal

Our Vision

Our Vision

At Royex Technologies, we envision a world where technology is seamlessly intertwined with daily life and business, unlocking unparalleled possibilities for innovation, growth, and convenience.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Rooted in unwavering commitment to research and development, Royex Technologies exists to create breakthroughs in the realms of eCommerce, mobile apps, and the Metaverse. By pioneering technology-driven solutions tailored to user needs, we empower small to large-scale businesses, aiming for top-tier service. While our foundation rests in Dubai, our global footprint speaks to our expertise and dedication. Whether it’s through face-to-face collaboration or robust online support, we pledge to be the partner our clients trust, delivering value without compromising on cost-efficiency.

Our Goal

Our Goal

To consistently lead in innovation, safety, and user-centric product development, becoming the preferred technology partner for businesses across the Middle East. As we expand our capabilities, our goal remains steadfast: to execute projects that make businesses more agile, competitive, and profitable. Leveraging our legacy of successful projects and a dynamic team, we aim to elevate every client’s vision, translating it into technology solutions that reshape markets and enrich lives.

Our Team

We are a group of experienced and skilled software architects, engineers and developers lead by our key strategist and decision-maker Rajib Roy, we can give you the perfect solution for any of your ideas and guide you to the best and suitable technology for your project which will enhance your target user's experience. Meet us and experience the difference.

Swapan Kumar Roy

Managing Director

Rajib Roy


Lee Pillay

Chief Business Development Officer

Rony Banik

Head of Accounts and HR

Reza Rouf

Project Manager

Rezaul Islam

Head of Technology

Rajib Sarker

Digital Marketing Manager

Suraj Nair

Project Coordinator

Certificate Archives

This is a testament to our commitment to recognizing and celebrating the outstanding contributions of our valued team members at Royex Technologies. It serves as a repository of accomplishment, dedication, and growth, showcasing the achievements of the individuals who have played a pivotal role in our journey towards excellence.